A great investment oppoutunity !

Serious investors wanted for golf sports parks.

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Israel flag in Turkey !

For the first time ever, Israel has participated in an international minigolf event, which was held in Istanbul.

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New in Afula !
From now on, also Afula and areal residents can enjoy from exciting miniature golf play.

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Pitch & Putt
While Pitch & Putt (watch YouTube) is considered a variant of the Golf sport, it has its own characteristics and rules and it plays as a separate brach at international competitions. The game was developed mainly in Ireland since the 1940s but is today a growing sport all over the world. Everyone can play the game: children, elderly, the whole family together, alone or with friends.

The game is played on a 9 or 18 holes' course, with a maximum total length of 1,200 meters and the basic goal  is to hit the ball into the holes in as few shots as possible, using 3 clubs only.

The total course area is 50-80 dunam and therefore is less time-consuming than golf (approx. 2 hours), and much more accessible (financially) for everyone.

Today, Pitch & Putt courses are the mainstream global trend of golf sports.